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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Katie Price Before And After Plastic Surgery

Katie Price plastic surgery

Katie Price had some very questionable plastic surgery choices. She took the approach of going all out and not looking back. You can almost see a glint in her eyes, before plastic surgery, that suggests she wanted a drastic change. So, she got her breast size increased to double D cups, had overly done lip injections, got Botox, a nose job, and filler.

You The only thing that wasn’t done poorly was her nose job. The width was slimmed down by a few millimeters. While her breasts are comically large, they don’t look atrocious. The only thing that truly stands out as bad plastic surgery is her lip injections and Botox. The face just isn’t something you mess with – especially at such a young age. I just don’t understand these 20-something year olds getting all this Botox. She had no wrinkles or sagging, so why get Botox?! It’s almost as if this air brushed Snap Chat-esque filter face is appealing to young women. Stop it and love your natural beauty!

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