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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Axl Rose Before And After Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose, main singer of Guns & Roses, had a major transformation after his stint with plastic surgery. He used to have typical teenage youthful looks. In fact, he looked like the person you would expect to have a major plastic surgery transformation. On top of that, he unfortunately landed himself in the bad plastic surgery category.

Judging by this before and after picture, it’s clear that Axl Rose got Botox, fillers, and chemical peels. It’s also, obvious that he wears a wig.

Yikes! What happened Axl? He should have opted to age gracefully. When people refuse to allow even on e wrinkle, it slowly transforms their face into a plastic mask. Unfortunately, that’s what happened with Axl Rose.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

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