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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Tara Reid Before And After Plastic Surgery

Tara Reid before and after

After American Pie in 1999, Tara Reid was America’s sweetheart! After the first one, she was that cute girl next door. But after the second one, she got breast implants and upped her makeup regiment which brought her to hottest girl in America status! But then she went even further with her boob job, and for some reason decided to get liposuction. The result… she had a wrinkled stomach and 40 year old mom boobs. This 20 something girl completely ruined her stomach and chest from a botched boob job and liposuction.

Like sooo many other celebrities, she should have just said no. Tara Reid would have been fine getting a subtle boob job – perhaps a cup. But there was absolutely no reason she should have gotten lipo. Seriously, look at how flat her stomach was in the before picture. Even if she put on 15 pounds or something, why would she just jog a little more. I think a 25 year old wouldn’t have much of a problem losing a few pounds given a little effort and perseverance. Bottom line, Tara Reid’s plastic surgery was completely unnecessary.

Tara Reid plastic surgery

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