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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Michael Jackson Before And After Plastic Surgery

Michael Jackson before and after

Behold the Michael Jackson plastic surgery transformation. You can see that he got his first nose job in 1979 – first of MANY. After that, he would get several more nose jobs, a chin implant, cheek implants, a hair transplant, Botox, skin bleaching, and many more procedures. The most famous and well documented of his plastic surgery was his nose job, though. The sad part about it all was that his nose looked perfectly fine in 1983. By that point he’d already gotten two nose jobs and it was looking as good as it was going to get. But with all the money in the world and no one who could say no to him, there was no stop button. You can see that by 1995, his nose looked cracked and just weird. By 2002, he had almost no cartilage left in the tip of his nose. There was a rumor that his nose could actually be removed and that it was almost like a Mr. Potato deal where it could just be clipped on. Who knows, though… Bottom line, he made truly incredible and transcendent music, so it’s all good lol.

If you look at the last photo, it shows how Michael Jackson would have looked had he never gotten any plastic surgery. Crazy right?

Michael Jackson plastic surgery

Michael Jackson was a G in the before picture. Why did he have to start getting plastic surgery?! There’s was absolutely nothing wrong with the way he looked in the before photo. It was just all mental…

Michael Jackson before and after

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