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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Latoya Jackson Before And After Plastic Surgery

Latoya Jackson plastic surgery

Latoya Jackson got maybe one of the most tragic nose jobs in all of Hollywood. It looks like she followed in her brother Michael Jackson’s footsteps by going WAY to far with the plastic surgery. Her nose got so thin that there was almost no cartilage left on the tip. Just look at the difference in the size of her nose from the before and after photo. Before plastic surgery, Latoya Jackson had a beautifully natural look. Like so many other celebrities (including her brother), she never needed to get any plastic surgery. She would have been way better off had she never let a needle or knife ever tough her face.

What was she thinking?! Why on earth would she get that much of her nose removed. I understand the appeal of getting a subtle nose job, because her nose was a little big. But she took the complete opposite approach of subtlety. Had she gotten any more cartilage removed she wouldn’t even have a nose left!
Latoya Jackson before and after

You can see that her nose is already looking weird in the first photo. The bridge is a lot thicker than the tip which makes it look disproportionate and unnatural. Of course the next surgery would be to get the bridge narrowed. Ugg, who was her plastic surgeon and what was he thinking?…

Latoya Jackson plastic surgery

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