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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Lil’ Kim Before And After Plastic Surgery

lil kim plastic surgery

Lil’ Kim is perhaps one of the worst plastic surgery disasters in Hollywood’s history. The weird part about her transformation is that she started out like the last person you would ever expect to get plastic surgery. She began her humble roots as a rapper with a very gritty look. Beneath her angry girl look, though, was a person who desperately wanted to fit in. The before and after picture above shows how her plastic surgery literally made her look sub-human.

lil kim plastic surgery

Lil actually looked bangin’ after her first round of plastic surgery. She got a subtle nose job and breast implants. She should of stopped there! She literally didn’t need to touch anything else… Unfortunately the train was already set in motion and she would stop until she totally ruined her appearance.

lil kim before and after

In addition to Botox, breast implants, and a nose job, Lil’ Kim got skin bleaching. You can see how her skin tone got about 5 shades lighter from the early 90’s though the late 2000’s. It also looks like she got multiple nose jobs. Her nose looks pinched in the second photo, and it looks like the tip is lifted and the bridge was filled in by the last photo.

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