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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before and After Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein road to bad plastic surgery is an interesting one. The Swiss-born socialite was awarded $2.5 billion in a divorce settlement from her former art-dealing husband. This goes in the record books as one of the largest divorce settlements in history. Apparently, she changed her face to look more “feline” to please her ex-husband. Maybe that was one of the things that led to their eventual divorce? Even though she got a staggering amount of money, being left with a botched face might not be worth it. She’s basically a shell of her former self, and despite the countless plastic surgeries to try and look like her former self, it just seem to keep going south.

Jocelyn Wildenstein before and after

It’s alleged that Jocelyn Wildenstein has spend millions of dollars on plastic surgery and had hundreds of operations. She’s had multiple nose jobs, facelifts, Botox injections, fillers, lip injections, facial implants, eye brow re-sculpting, and countless other operations. She tried to have several corrective procedures, but hasn’t been successful. Now at 75, she has an odd looking face to say the least.

Jocelyn Wildenstein before and after plastic surgery

The weird part about Jocelyn Wildenstein’s plastic surgery transformation is that it that it just keeps getting worse. How were there no plastic surgeons that could reverse the damage that had been done? It’s certainly a mystery…

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