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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Joan Van Ark Before And After Plastic Surgery

Joan Van Ark plastic surgery

Joan Van Ark, a famous TV and Broadway actress, used to be America’s sweetheart. All of the guys were obsessed with her and all of the girls wanted to look like her. She had that classic girl next door look that everyone loved. But one day, she decided to get plastic surgery… She didn’t get your run of the mill surgery, though, this was something else. The before and after photo above shows that she got a borderline tragic Botox treatment and facelift. She barely making a smile, but that’s probably the extent that her facial muscles will allow. The way Botox removes wrinkles is by temporarily paralyzing the face (the affected area). This “relaxes” the muscles which in turns diminishes the size of the wrinkles. The patient will be left with limited movement, though.

Joan Van Ark before and after

This is quite possibly the most horrifying before and after photo from Joan Van Ark’s plastic surgery. It looks like the the surgeon used a non-FDA approved filler which resulted in discoloration of her skin. It actually was too uncommon in the early 2000 to hear horror stories of doctors doing this exact thing. They would promise results that nothing else to compare to and basically sell people on a lie.

Joan Van Ark plastic surgery

It was just so sad to see Joan Van Ark’s awful experience with plastic surgery. The damage has been diminished a bit since then, but there’s still lasting damage. Be caution and take a conservative approach when getting plastic surgery folks!

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