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25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

Mickey Rourke Before And After Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke before and after

Mickey Rourke has had a pretty rough go at it with plastic surgery. If you were to just look at this former 80’s heart throb, it would be hard to believe he’d have such extreme plastic surgery later in life. He’s been quoted saying he had a really bad initial experience with a facelift and then kept trying to get corrective plastic surgery which only made the problem worse. He’s also embraced the situation and allowed the public to see him on his journey. He actually posted pictures to Instagram after an extreme surgery back in 2015. What else can you do but acknowledge it’s there? If he never talked about it and pretended it didn’t exist then it would just be weird.

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery before and after

Look at how young and normal he looks in the before picture! It looks as though Mickey Rourke may have also gotten a hair transplant. Is hairline looks pretty unnatural in the after picture.

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery

He had all the ladies swooning over him in the 80’s. Just look at that charming smile 🙂 It’s reported that Mickey Rourke has spent countless dollars on over 100 plastic surgery operations including, a nose job, multiple facelifts, Botox, facial fillers, a neck lift, a hair transplant, Botox, and more. Keep in mind that he’s all of these – other than the nose job – multiple times! It’s crazy how a plastic surgeon would be able to just make their face back to normal. You would think plastic surgery has come that far by now. With stem cell research, though, t’s just a matter of time before they’ll be able to do a full skin transplant on the entire body. All of that stuff will actually be a reality at some point in the future, which is crazy. 80 year old people will be able to look like they’re 20 – maybe…

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