25 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time – Before And After

bad celebrity plastic surgery

We’ve compiled a list of the 25 worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters of all time! There’s almost 100 before and after photos that chronicle the shocking physical transformation all of these people went through. The worst part is that almost all of these celebrities were incredibly beautiful or handsome before undergoing the knife. In almost all cases the plastic surgery was completely unnecessary and it just became an addition.

Why do some celebrities get such bad plastic surgery?

It’s human nature to want to be beautiful and accepted. Regular people, as well as celebrities, get this fantasy in their heads about how they want to look, and in many cases, it becomes an unattainable goal of perfection. This translates into countless plastic surgery operations where their searching for that perfect nose, jawline, or whatever else. The result is always the same – bad plastic surgery. The almost 100 before and after photos show botched nose jobs, breast implants, overly done Botox, bad fillers, weird looking butt implants, botched liposuction, and more. The initial plastic surgery wasn’t always bad either. The disaster is usually comes after getting multiple procedures where it just gets worse each time.

Let’s Begin

This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive list of the 25 absolute worst celebrity plastic surgery ever. You’ll find before and after photos on Jocelyn Wildenstein, Amanda Lepore, Axl Rose, Carla Bruni, Heidi Montag, Joan Van Ark, and 19 other celebrities. Go head and click the “Begin” button to start this gallery. Get ready to be shocked and awed!

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